Yvonne teaches private yoga classes in her Northport, NY studio and other nearby locations.

Experienced yogis enjoy her Maha Vinyasa classes, which include classical asana with a rock n roll twist. Beginning with a blend of sun salutations, flowing into standing and balancing postures, a rocking playlist helps keep energy levels up as you flow through a challenging sequence to a slow and steady ujjayi breath. Gradually the music mellows, allowing for meditation in longer held poses, like hanumanasana and eka pada raja kapotasana. In this advanced class, you can also expect arm balances, inversions, and other advanced postures. 

Maha Vinyasa is a two hour class with time to workshop poses that are more difficult. Yvonne will breakdown the components of the pose for you, and demonstrate alternative ways to achieve the impossible, using breath, focus, balance, and humor. Yoga can be hard. Yvonne aims to make it fun. 

When the weather is warm enough, classes are held outside in a covered patio with a view of Northport Harbor.

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Beginners who feel self-conscious in a group class environment usually prefer practicing alone in a one-on-one situation with a private instructor or with a few friends. You are free to ask questions and explore the dynamics of certain postures you find challenging, something that is usually not possible in a group class setting. This 75 minute lesson moves at your pace, working gradually toward building strength and flexibility, neither of which are requirements to begin your yoga practice. They are just two of the many benefits. Ultimately, you will be able to develop your own personal yoga practice as you continue on a path toward optimal health and well-being. 

Private yoga classes are $80 for one to four people in Yvonne’s studio in Northport. $20 for each additional person.